One-time Goods and Services Tax (GST) payment

Easy application

Tax filing required

Prerequisite(s) required

To get this benefit you need to first apply for the following benefit(s) if you're eligible:

The one-time GST payment is available to help you with your additional costs due to inflation. This payment will double the Goods and Services Tax / Harmonized Sales Tax (GST/HST) credit you and your normally family get for a six-month period. You will receive the additional one-time GST credit payment if you were entitled to receive the GST credit in October 2022.

You could receive a maximum payment of up to:

If you are single

  • $234 (no children)
  • $387 (with 1 child)
  • $467 (with 2 children)
  • $548 (with 3 children)
  • $628 (with 4 children)

If you are married or have a common-law partner

  • $306 (no children)
  • $387 (with 1 child)
  • $467 (with 2 children)
  • $548 (with 3 children)
  • $628 (with 4 children)

How to calculate your one-time payment

You are eligible for this credit if you are a resident of Canada for income tax purposes at the beginning of the month in which the CRA makes a payment (see When we pay your GST/HST credit) and you have filed your taxes. In the month before we make a quarterly payment, you must also meet at least one of the following conditions during the same period:

  • You are 19 years of age or older.
  • You have (or had) a spouse or common-law partner.
  • You are (or were) a parent and live (or lived) with your child.

To apply for one-time GST payment:

Payment Date

The one-time payment will be issued starting November 4, 2022. If you do not receive your GST credit payment on the expected date, please wait 10 business days before you contact us. You may also check your notice to see if your payments have changed.

Last updated: December 20, 2022