Nova Scotia

Workplace Support Program

Complex application

Tax filing required

The Workplace Support Program can help you with assistive supports that you need to be able to work, if you are living with a disability.

There are 2 components of the Workplace Support Program:

  • Workplace Attendant Support.
    • This program can give up to $20,000 (plus some extra amounts) to pay the salary of a Workplace Attendant.
  • Technical Aids and Assistive Devices.
    • This program can help you pay for aids and assistive devices. Funding for the program changes each year and is given on a first-come, first-served basis.

You can learn more by reading the Workplace Support Program Standards.

To be able to get supports from the Workplace Support Program, you must:

  • Be considered a person with a disability and the disability makes completing work tasks difficult.
  • Be a resident of Nova Scotia and not currently under the jurisdiction of the provincial education (public school) system.
  • Be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant.

Priority will be given to recent graduates of a post-secondary institution (within the previous 3 -5 years) under the Workplace Attendant Support component of the Program.

You will not be considered eligible for funding if you:

  • Have made a claim under the Worker’s Compensation Act, Veteran’s Rehabilitation Act (Canada), Canada Pension Plan, or through private insurance companies.
  • Are seeking supports for programs or services that are primarily health-care related expenses oriented toward medical treatment.

Notice of Assessment

A statement from Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to each taxpayer, every year, after you have filed a tax return. It tells you the amount of income tax you owe, or the amount of the refund you will get.

You must apply to the Department of Community Services.

Applications must include a written statement from a Case Manager of a Nova Scotia Works Centre or a District Office of the Department of Community Services, confirmation of income (Notice of Assessment), documentation from an appropriate medical practitioner and in the case of the Technical Aids and Assistive Devices component of the program, two cost estimates.

To begin an application, contact your nearest Nova Scotia Works Centre or Department of Community Services District Office or send an email to

Last updated: October 27, 2021