West Neighborhood House

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West Neighbourhood House is a non sectarian social services agency, located in west central Toronto, with a catchment area going from the lakeshore in the south to Bloor Street in the north and from Bathurst Street in the east to Roncesvalles Avenue in the west.

Successive waves of immigrant families have made downtown Toronto their first stop in Canada and, in the process, have discovered that West Neighbourhood House as one of their first and best friends. From our various locations in the past to the homes of our current programs, West Neighbourhood House has been part of the lives and hearts of people of all ages and cultural backgrounds since 1912.

Services d'aide financière offerts

  • Accompagnement/conseils/résolution de problèmes en matière financière
  • Aide à la déclaration de revenus
  • Éducation en littératie financière
  • Services d'aide à l'établissement et d'accueil des nouveaux arrivants
  • Soutien à l'accès aux avantages sociaux

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