British Columbia

Income Assistance

Complex application

Tax filing not required

This benefit leads to others

Getting this benefit makes you able to get other related benefits, including

    The Income Assistance program provides monthly financial support to individuals living on low income. This program can help you transition to employment.

    After you are approved for income assistance, you will receive:

    • A monthly income assistance rate based on your situation and the size of your family unit. For example, for payments issued for the May 2021 benefit month, you could get up to:
      • $935.00 if you are single
      • $1,427.22 if you and your spouse are both on assistance and you have no children
      • $1,270.58 if you are a single parent with one child
      • $1,611.06 if you and your spouse are both on assistance and have one child
    • Medical services plan coverage
    • No-deductible PharmaCare prescription coverage

    Depending on your circumstances, you may also get other expenses covered. If you have children, you'll keep basic health coverage. This includes Medical Services Plan and 100 per cent coverage under PharmaCare for a full year after you leave income assistance for employment.

    You may be eligible if you find yourself in any of these situations:

    • You’re out of work or not earning enough to meet your basic needs.
    • You’re waiting for other sources of money to arrive.
    • You can't work at all.
    • You urgently need food, shelter or medical attention.

    Photo ID

    For example:

    • driver’s license
    • passport
    • other government-issued photo ID, such as a non-driver photo ID (Saskatchewan), British Columbia Services Card, Ontario photo card, General identification card (Nunavut), Voluntary ID (PEI), etc.

    Social Insurance Number

    For example:

    • confirmation of SIN letter
    • plastic SIN card (non-expired)

    Use My Self Serve to assess your eligibility and apply for assistance from the B.C. government. If you can’t complete the application online, call 1-866-866-0800 or visit your local office.

    You will need to provide details about your current situation, income and assets. Be ready to give information, such as:

    • Identification for you and your family.
    • Your Social Insurance Number (SIN).
    • How much you pay for rent and utilities.
    • Your bank account balance.
    • How much you owe on your vehicle, if you have a car.

    Last updated: August 21, 2021