Canada Disability Savings Bond

Easy application

Need you to file taxes and apply separately

Prerequisite(s) required

To get this benefit you need to first apply for the following benefit(s) if you're eligible:

The Canada Disability Savings Bond is money the Government contributes to the Registered Disability Savings Plans (RDSPs) of low- and modest-income Canadians. If you qualify for the Bond, you can receive up to $1,000 a year, depending on the beneficiary’s family income. Over an individual’s lifetime, there is a limit of $20,000. Bonds are paid into the RDSP if an application has been made on or before December 31 of the year the beneficiary turns 49 years of age. You do not need to make any contributions to your RDSP to receive the Bond.

Once you have an RDSP, you can apply for a bond if you:

  • Are in the year you turn 49 or younger (if you are 49, you must apply before the end of the year).
  • Are a Canadian resident.
  • Have a social insurance number.
  • Are eligible for the Disability Tax Credit.

Social Insurance Number

For example:

  • confirmation of SIN letter
  • plastic SIN card (non-expired)

You must apply for the bond through the financial organization where you have your RDSP.

When you open your RDSP, you wil be required to complete the Application for the Canada Disability Savings Grant and/or Canada Disability Savings Bond even if you decide not to receive any grants or bonds. This will automatically be provided by your financial institution and they will submit the completed form to ESDC.

Last updated: August 21, 2021