New Brunswick

Disability Support Program

Complex application

Tax filing not required

The Disability Support Program gives personalized, flexible disability supports to people living with disabilities in creating your personal disability support plans.

Disability supports that might be provided under this program include:

  • Home Support Worker
  • Respite
  • Personal supports and assistance within and outside the home
  • Supports for community involvement and participation
  • Personal living skills training
  • Transportation supports that are disability specific
  • Technical supports and assistive devices not covered under other programs
  • Residential facility service

The program allows you to pick one of two options:

Self-manage your case plan, or Get help from a social worker

If you want the self-managed model, you will first meet with the department to determine your strengths and unmet needs to develop a case plan. Then you would manage the services to address your needs yourself.

If you ask for the ongoing support of a social worker, you will meet with the social worker to determine your strengths and needs to develop a case plan. You will then get regular contact, advocacy, and support from the social worker.

No matter what option you choose, you will need to do a financial assessment which will decide how much you will pay for the disability supports. There is no cost for the general facilitation services.

You may qualify for the Disability Support Program if

  • You are a resident of New Brunswick
  • You are 19 to 64 years of age
  • You have a long-term disability (this does not include a medical condition that does not result in long term disability or services required to address drug, alcohol, nicotine, or gambling addictions)
  • You need disability related supports to help with unmet needs around your living arrangements, to help your support network, or to help you participate in the community

For the Disability Support Program please contact the regional office of the Department of Social Development near you.

There are 3 main ways you can do the application:

  • By yourself or with help from your family or friends,
  • With help from staff of this department, Mental Health,
  • With help from an independent facilitator

Last updated: May 21, 2021