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Health Services

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Health Services has several programs that can help you pay for health services and medical supplies if you are a client of Social Development. The programs cover specific benefits not covered by Medicare, private health insurance plans or other agencies.

If you are not a Social Development client, you can find more information about equipment programs offered by the Canadian Red Cross Equipment Loan Programs.

The Health Services Programs for seniors are:

  • Mobility and Adaptive Equipment Loan Program: Loans equipment to help with daily life and mobility.
  • Dental Program: Covers exams, X-rays, extractions, and fillings to a max. $1,000/year, as well as dentures and denture repairs.
  • Hearing Aid Program: Helps you buy and maintain basic, entry-level hearing aids.
  • Medical Supplies/Services Program: Helps cover specific medical supplies and services.
  • Therapeutic Nutrients Program: Covers feeding supplies and formulas.
  • Orthopedic Program: Helps pay for specific types of braces, supports and orthopedically designed footwear.
  • Respiratory Program: Covers the cost of breathing aid services, equipment, and supplies.
  • Ostomy/Incontinence Program: Coverage for ostomy, catheterization, and incontinence supplies.
  • Prosthetic Program: Assists with the purchase and maintenance of specific prostheses.
  • Vision Program: Covers specific exams, tests, frames, and lenses.

You may qualify for Health Services Programs if:

  • You are a client of Social Development
  • You are the dependent of a client of Social Development
  • You qualify for assisted health care under Section 4/4 of the Family Income Security Act and Regulations.

You must also have a valid Social Development (white or yellow) Health Card with the appropriate coverage for your needs.

Criteria specific to each program and benefit may also apply.

In most cases, you are not eligible for full benefits if you have other medical coverage.

Health card

For example:

  • valid health card with no photo, name and address
  • valid health card with photo, name and address
  • MCP (Medical Care Plan) number
  • Valid ambulance/dental services card
  • Department of Immigration, Skills and Labour identification number
  • Department of Immigration, Skills and Labour file number (Income Support Card).

Each Health Services program has its own application and approvals process. For most programs, you need:

  • A prescription or referral from the appropriate health-care professional.
  • An estimate or a quote for the benefit required.
  • Approval from Social Development before you can get the supplies, equipment, or services.

Go to the Health Services website to learn how to apply for each type of offered program.

Last updated: May 29, 2021