Northwest Territories

Disaster Financial Assistance

Complex application

Tax filing not required

Disaster Financial Assistance provides financial support to assist individuals, small businesses and community governments in recovering from disasters which lead to widespread damage and have resulted in uninsurable property and infrastructure damage.

Disaster Financial Assistance may be available when:

  • An event is an emergency
  • Damage was so widespread that a significant number of people or properties are affected.
  • The health, safety, and welfare of the affected residents are at risk.
  • Emergency operations are conducted.
  • Community, small businesses and community residents make serious efforts to protect property and minimize risk; and
  • The Government of the Northwest Territories applies the Disaster Assistance Policy.

There are three categories of eligible applicants:

  • Homeowners
  • Small Business Owners, and
  • Residential Tenants

To determine your eligibility or for more information, contact your Municipal and Community Affairs (MACA) regional office:

Proof of housing situation

  • letter from landlord about your housing situation
  • eviction notice
  • disconnection notice
  • police report about an incident involving your housing
  • moving company quote or invoice
  • list of repairs needed in home
  • list of expenses for renovations needed for independence in the home
  • proof of home ownership (mortgage, property ownership)

To apply:

  • Complete and submit the Disaster Financial Assistance application form.
  • Return the completed form and required documentation to your local MACA Regional Superintendent.
  • For further information, contact MACA’s Regional Office.
  • Applicants may submit a claim in more than one category, e.g., homeowner and small business owner, if circumstances are warranted. Claims must be received by the Disaster Assistance Committee before a prescribed deadline.

Last updated: August 6, 2021