Nova Scotia

Canada-Nova Scotia Targeted Housing Benefit

Easy application

Tax filing required

The Canada-Nova Scotia Targeted Housing Benefit is a program that can help you with your housing costs. If you pay more than half of your income before taxes on your rent or mortgage, you might be eligible for this benefit. Homeowners and renters can apply. If you rent and move to a new place in Nova Scotia, you can still use this benefit. The amount of money you get depends on the average rent in your area, not how much you pay, and how much money you make before taxes.

You may qualify for Canada-Nova Scotia Targeted Housing Benefit if you meet all of the situations below:

  • You live in Nova Scotia and have status in Canada;
  • You spend more than half of your income on rent or mortgage;
  • You have an annual total pre-tax household income that falls below the current Household Income Limits for your eligible unit size in your area;

To be eligible as a homeowner, you must own a home that has been assessed for property tax at $300,000 or less in Halifax and $200,000 or less in other parts of Nova Scotia and you must also live in your home permanently.

If you are a full-time student, you may be eligible for this benefit if you have dependents, have a physical disability, and/or require an accessible rental unit.

Additional requirements may apply, so check the applicant guide for more information.

To apply for Canada-Nova Scotia Targeted Housing Benefit: 


  1. Review the Applicant Guide (Renter or Homeowner) to determine if you may qualify
  2. Fill out the application form (Renter or Homeowner)
  3. Attach any required documents
  4. Mail your application and supporting documents to:
    ATTN: Housing Benefit Unit
    P.O. Box 702, Stn. Central
    Halifax, NS B3J 2T3


  1. Review the applicant guide (Renter or Homeowner) to decide if you may qualify.
  2. Fill out the fillable application form (Renter or Homeowner).
  3. Attach supporting documents
  4. Email package to:

Last updated: September 12, 2023