Nova Scotia

Poverty Reduction Credit

Easy application

Tax filing required

You do not need to apply for this benefit, but you need to file your tax return to get it.

The government will use the information in your tax return to decide if you will get the benefit.

Prerequisite(s) required

To get this benefit you need to first apply for the following benefit(s) if you're eligible:

The Poverty Reduction Credit (PRC) gives extra money people without children who are living on low incomes and getting Income Assistance.

If you are eligible for the PRC, you will get $125.00 in of July, October, January and April ($500.00 in total for the year).

The PRC will not affect any of your other federal or provincial benefits.

You are eligible if all of the following are true for you:

  • You are an individual or couple that received Income Assistance from January to December in the previous year. If you are a married or common-law couple, only one person in your household can get the credit.
  • You filed your Income Tax Return for the previous tax year.
  • Your annual adjusted income was below $16,000 in the previous tax year.
  • You had no children in the previous tax year.

You do not need to apply for the PRC. The Department of Community Services will determine if you are eligible in June of each year. If you are eligible, you will get your first PRC payment in July.

Contact: 1-866-424-1269.

Last updated: November 25, 2021