Nova Scotia

Provincial Housing Emergency Repair

Complex application

Tax filing required

The Provincial Housing Emergency Repair program provides a grant to homeowners who need to make emergency repairs. You can get up to a $6,500 grant to help cover the cost of labour and materials.

To get this grant, all of the situations below must be true for you:

  • You must own and live in the home you wish to renovate
  • Your household income must be below established ceilings, which are based on your household income and the area you live in. Contact Housing Nova Scotia to learn more
  • Repairs must be permanent, and consideration will be given to repairs that improve health and safety such as wiring, roofing, septic tanks and wells
  • You must have owned your home for at least one year

Cosmetic (non-essential) repairs are not eligible for funding.

Contact Housing Nova Scotia by calling toll-free at 1-844-424-5110 or apply using this form.

Last updated: November 25, 2021