Aviation Scholarship: Simata Pitsiulak

Easy application

Tax filing not required

The Aviation Scholarship: Simata Pitsiulak is sponsored by the Nunavut Department of Economic Development and Transportation. Every year, residents of Nunavut pursuing an aviation-related career in the North can apply for one of six scholarships from a fund sponsored by the Nunavut Department of Economic Development and Transportation.

The scholarships are offered to full-time residents of Nunavut (two-year minimum residency) pursuing full-time aviation-related studies. The studies can be related to airline or airport operations or management, aircraft maintenance and pilot training. Recipients can receive up to $7,500 to help pay for their aviation education.

To qualify for the Aviation Scholarship:

  • You must be Inuit from Nunavut or resident of Nunavut (living in Nunavut for the last two years).
  • You must be pursuing full-time training for an aviation-related career.
  • You must be planning to work in Nunavut after completion of the training.

Proof of  residency in Province

For example:

  • lease agreement
  • rent receipt
  • household bill
    • gas
    • electricity
    • cable television
    • telephone
  • driver's license
  • vehicle registration or car insurance
  • membership in social or professional organization
  • Other:
    • bank information
    • employment information

To apply for the scholarship:

  • Complete the Aviation Scholarship application form.
  • Attach supporting documentation to complete the application package.
  • A completed application package includes the following:
  • Completed and signed application form
  • Essay
  • Academic transcripts
  • Two letters of reference
  • Letter of acceptance from a school, college, or university offering an academic or technical aviation- related program specifying the date your studies are to begin, and the length of the program in which you are to be enrolled. A letter of conditional acceptance is also acceptable.
  • Any additional information requested by the department that is required to assess applicant eligibility and award points to an application.
  • Submit your completed application to:
    Department of Economic Development and Transportation,
    P.O. Box 1000,
    Station 1500
    Iqaluit, NU X0A 0H0
    Call (888) 975-5999 or fax (867) 975-7880
  • The deadline to apply is end of August or September of each year. .

Check the Simata Pitsiulak Aviation Scholarship Program Policy for more details on the scholarship.

Last updated: March 14, 2023