Transitional Health Benefits

Easy application

Tax filing not required

Prerequisite(s) required

To get this benefit you need to first apply for the following benefit(s) if you're eligible:

If you are leaving ODSP for employment, you can continue to receive coverage unless or until your employer provides similar health benefits through the Transitional Health Benefits.

Transitional Health Benefits include:

  • Prescription drugs.
  • Dental benefits.
  • Vision care benefits, including routine eye examinations.
  • Batteries and repairs for mobility devices.

Note: employment can be a full-time or part-time job, a training program, or running your own business.

You and your family may be eligible if you are:

  • Leaving the Ontario Disability Support Program for paid work.
  • Do not have comparable health coverage from your employer.

Note: You can get this benefit until you’re able to get similar benefits from your employer. As soon as you do, you need to tell your local ODSP office.

Eligible family members include:

  • Your spouse.
  • Your children who are under 18 years of age.

Apply for Transitional Health Benefits

  • Contact your local Ontario Disability Support Program office.
    • Your worker will first determine whether you are eligible for Extended Health Benefits.
    • If you are not eligible for Extended Health Benefits, your worker will then determine whether you are eligible for the Transitional Health Benefit (this benefit).


  • You will receive a letter to tell you if you have been approved.
  • If you do not qualify, you can apply to the Trillium Drug Program for help with your prescription drug costs.

Last updated: September 3, 2021