Prince Edward Island

Seniors Housing Program

Easy application

Need you to file taxes and apply separately

The Seniors Housing Program has seniors housing units located in 32 communities across PEI. You may also be able to get a rent supplement benefit with a private landlord in any community.

You can expect to pay 25 percent of your income in rent.

Most housing units are one-bedroom apartments with a living room, kitchen, bathroom and storage area. A few buildings have bachelor-style apartments. These are similar to one-bedroom apartments, but they do not have a separate bedroom.

There are also sometwo-bedroom apartments. Some buildings have units designed for tenants with a disability.

Housing Services provides a refrigerator and stove, covers the cost of heat and ensures ongoing maintenance of the unit.

Each tenant is responsible for furnishings; the cost of electricity, telephone, television and tenant insurance; and day-to-day cleaning of the unit. New tenants must make arrangements with the electric utility to have electricity turned on. For more information, download the Seniors Housing Program brochure.

You may be able to receive help under the Seniors Housing Program if one of the situations below is true for you:

  • You are aged 60 and older, or
  • You are 55 and older and have a disability.

Tenants are selected based on need. A rating system is used to determine which applicants have the greatest need.

Assessments are based on:

  • Your income.
  • Your assets.
  • Your health.
  • Your age.
  • Your present housing.

The local housing boards select tenants based on the availability of a vacant unit appropriate to meet your need.

Health card

For example:

  • valid health card with no photo, name and address
  • valid health card with photo, name and address
  • MCP (Medical Care Plan) number
  • Valid ambulance/dental services card
  • Department of Immigration, Skills and Labour identification number
  • Department of Immigration, Skills and Labour file number (Income Support Card).

Apply for Seniors Housing Online. The application should take you about 15 minutes and you will need to provide:

  • Your current contact information.
  • Your date of birth.
  • Your PEI Health Card number.

Once your application is received a housing staff member will contact you to schedule an in-home interview with you.

Housing Services staff reviews all applications and considers your housing conditions, income, housing costs, age, health, and any special circumstances for each applicant.

Last updated: July 27, 2021