Basic Income Program

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Tax filing required

Prerequisite(s) required

To get this benefit you need to first apply for the following benefit(s) if you're eligible:

The Basic Income Program is a government-funded financial assistance program that is designed to provide support to individual with long-term, severely limited capacity for employment. Social Solidarity Program, you do not need to apply for the Basic Income Program. You will automatically admitted if you meet the eligibility requirements.

The basic income includes a basic benefit, to which adjustments can be added. The basic benefit is $1,138 per month, which is $13,656 for a period of one year.

Adjustments can be added to the basic benefit, such as:

  • An adjustment for a single person ($337 per month, for a total of $4,044 per year)
  • Adjustments for dependent children ($20 per month for a minor child and $345 per month for a child of full age who is attending a postsecondary educational institution)

You can earn up to $13,656 per year without decreasing your benefit. This amount is called the basic annual exclusion.

If you have earned more than this amount during the year, your benefit will be reduced for the following year. Every dollar earned that exceeds $13,656 will decrease your annual benefit by 55 cents ($0.55).

To learn more about how your income affects your basic benefit, visit the Basic Income Program website.

You may be eligible for the Basic Income Program if:

If you meet these requirements, you will be automatically enrolled in the program on January 1, 2023. You will be notified a few weeks before receiving your first payment.

If you are eligible for the Social Solidarity Program and have had severely limited capacity for employment for at least 66 months in the previous 72 months, you will be automatically enrolled in the program on January 1, 2023.

If you have any questions concerning the Social Assistance Program or the Social Solidarity Program, call one of the numbers below:

This service is available from 8:30am to 4:30pm. You can also contact these programs by email, using a form on the Contact Us page.

Last updated: November 1, 2023