Quebec Parental Insurance Plan

Complex application

Need you to file taxes and apply separately

The Quebec Parental Insurance Plan provides support to parents of a newborn or newly adopted child to encourage you to spend more time with your children.

Eligibility for the Quebec Parental Insurance Plan depends on who you work for (your worker status). For more information, visit the following pages based on your current situation:

If you do not know your worker status, visit the Revenu Quebec website.

You can use the QPIP Benefit Calculation Simulator to see how much you might get from QPIP.

Social Insurance Number

For example:

  • confirmation of SIN letter
  • plastic SIN card (non-expired)

Record of Employment

This is an official form, filled out by your employer, that says how long you worked and how much you earned when you worked for that employer. When you leave your job for whatever reason, your employer must give you a Record of Employment within 5 days after your last day of employment.

Last updated: May 20, 2021