Shelter Allowance Program

Easy application

Need you to file taxes and apply separately

The Shelter Allowance Program provides up to $170 a month to people living on low incomes over the age of 50 or who are living with a child under 18 years of age.

This program applies to:

  • Homeowners.
  • Tenants.
  • Rooming house occupants.
  • Any individuals who share a dwelling with one or more other occupants.

You may be eligible for the shelter allowance program if the bulk of your budget goes to housing and at least one of the following situations applies to you:

  • You live alone and are 50 or older.
  • You have a spouse and one of you is 50 or older.
  • You are part of a low-income household (composed of workers, students or income-security recipients, for example) with at least one dependent child.

To learn more about the income eligibility for this program, please visit the Shelter Allowance Home Page.

You are not eligible for the shelter allowance program in the following cases:

  • You live in a low rental housing unit (HLM) or a government-funded health and social services centre.
  • You receive a rent supplement or another housing subsidy.
  • You or your spouse, where applicable, have belongings or cash amounts that exceed $50,000 in value (excluding the value of your residence, land, furniture and car).

Social Insurance Number

For example:

  • confirmation of SIN letter
  • plastic SIN card (non-expired)

It's fast and easy to apply for the shelter allowance using the online service in My Account for individuals or use the Shelter Allowance Application (LEX-165-V) to apply

Last updated: May 12, 2022