Individualized Funding for Home Care

Easy application

Tax filing required

Individualized funding for home care gives you increased choice and flexibility in home care. You, or your guardian, receive funding to arrange and manage your own support services. Funding is based on assessed need and is used for supportive home care services, such as personal care or home management.

Professional health services, like registered nursing or therapies, are not included in individualized funding. If required, these services are available to you through home care.

While individualized funding provides greater flexibility and control in your care, you also have more responsibilities. It takes extra time and effort to manage this option successfully.

If you choose individualized funding and it does not work for you, you can end the agreement and consider alternatives, such as the regular home care program or other living arrangements.

To be eligible for Individualized funding for home care if:

  • You are eligible for home care support services;
  • You require long-term supportive care;
  • You can manage the funding successfully; and
  • You are willing to accept the responsibilities.

To apply for individualized funding:

  1. Contact the Saskatchewan Health Authority Home Care Program in your community.
  2. They will assess your unique care needs and determine the type of service and funding level.

Last updated: October 27, 2021