If you are Indigenous learn about benefits designed specifically for Indigenous people below.


If you are Indigenous there are many things that affect the benefits you can get and the dollar amounts you can get from them. These include the agreements your band or governing body has with provincial, territorial, and federal governments. Before applying to any benefits, you should speak with your governing body, if applicable.

  • If you are First Nations: speak with your administration, band, or governing body
  • If you are Inuit: speak with your governing body or hamlet administration office
  • If you are Métis: speak with your governing body, if applicable.

AFOA Canada and Prosper Canada are currently seeking funding to develop an online tool that serves the needs of Indigenous people living in Canada.

Common indigenous benefits


Jordan's Principle ensures that First Nations children in Canada have access to the services, supports, and products they need to thrive.

Tax filing not required


The Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) program provides eligible First Nations and Inuit clients with coverage for a range of health benefits that are not covered through other social programs, private insurance plans, or provincial or territorial health insurance.

Tax filing not required